Preventive Drain Line & Grease Trap Maintenance

Fat, Grease & Oil (FOG) are natural by-products in HORECA industries and though the regulatory authorities have introduced measures to capture them with grease traps (GT), these by-products often by pass GT due to high load of the outlet and lead to clogged drains, backups, and rancid odor’s.

MicroFlor® can be used in our Grease Eradication System (GES®), which is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly system that 'remediates' grease problems for good.

Our state-of-the-art technology harnesses the power of bioremediation, a natural process in which bacteria actually consume grease and oil from drain lines, grease traps, and interceptors. These bacteria are non-toxic, non-pathogenic, live, and vegetative.

  • Non-toxic, and non-tainting environments in the facilities
  • Cost-effective & environmentally friendly
  • Facilities can continue their operations without interruption
  • Automatic and maintenance free


  • No more rancid grease odors
  • No more lost profit from kitchen disruptions
  • Using the natural bioremediation method
  • Safe to be used within the facilities
  • Floor cleaning and drain line management
  • Reduction in pump-out frequency of grease traps/interceptors

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Natural Grease Trap Maintenance Process

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